Aiding Idaho Humane Society through can sculpture build

By: Travis Estvold
6 October 2017

Last Friday, members of CTA Boise and Boise Young Professionals converted 5,000 cans of pet food — donated by Purina and Albertsons —  into a sculpture in  the Boise Towne Square mall. The cans will be given to the Idaho Humane Society’s Pet Food Pantry, along with an additional $1,250 raised through BYP activities.

“Through multiple design iterations and a design process, we decided that a cat and a dog, and a dog bowl, would be a good representation for the Idaho Humane Society. So we went through a couple design iterations in Sketchup, trying to figure out how the thing would stand up considering none of us had ever put together a can structure before,” James Colburn, architect-in-training  and project leader, said. “It was quite the process; a few mishaps and in-field construction changes, but it all came out really well and it’s a good model to show and represent the Idaho Humane Society, and hopefully raise some more funds for a really good cause.”

Our video is above, but here is some additional footage of the build:

And a final shot of the completed sculpture:

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