Another successful Whole Foods Market opening

By: Travis Estvold
10 July 2014

CTA Architects Engineers designed the new Whole Foods Market that opened in Colleyville, Texas on July 8, 2014. Gerard Robinson, one of the project’s architects based in CTA’s Austin office, was present at the ceremonial “bread breaking” and offers a review of his store tour:

“Set in Colleyville, Texas, a family-oriented community in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area, the country’s newest Whole Foods Market is designed to draw you into an experience inspired by the rich heritage of Colleyville. The city revolves around the cotton belt railroad and local agriculture, and sits in a community where the mention of a John Deere tractor is not uncommon.

Journeying inside, you are welcomed at the entrance with a silo, which also serves as a dispensary for your morning cup of joe or an afternoon pick-me-up. You are drawn into a hub of contrasting wood and steel barrel vaults containing cheese, beer and wine.

A series of additional agriculturally-themed design features guide you around the perimeter of the market to a sister silo where you can enjoy craft, wood-fired pizza with on-site mozzarella stretching, handmade dough and freshly prepared ingredients.

Finally, you are welcomed at the end of your journey by a 28-tap bar with a traditional atmosphere – right down to belt-driven fans. Here you can wind down with a friendly game of pinball and a beer. All-in-all, this store offers a truly unique experience!”

Read the Fort Worth Business Press’s insightful interview with WFM Southwest Region President Mark Dixon here.

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