Blattel heads ‘Over the Edge’ in support of Make-A-Wish Foundation

By: CTA In The News
15 June 2017
In 2012 and 2016, respectively, CTA Austin’s James Foster and Juan deLeon participated in Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas’ “Over The Edge” fundraiser. This year, it was somebody else’s turn…

On Saturday, June 10, CTA Austin’s Sheri Blattel went “Over The Edge.” The annual fundraising event, staged by Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas, recruits volunteers to raise pledge money to get them to rappel 37 stories down the side of the W Hotel in Austin, TX. Sheri’s family and members of the CTA Austin (#CTAATX) team were there to cheer her on as she slowly lowered herself down 438 feet!

Bedecked in a Wonder Woman t-shirt, Sheri may have been afraid of heights, but you’d have never known by the big smile she wore. And when she reached the bottom, she announced she was ready for her next adventure. A big thank you goes out to team and community members who helped raise money for Make-A-Wish! Because of you, $550,000 was raised and 109 wishes will be granted to some amazing children and their families in the near future.


Over the Edge?

“Oh, hell no,” was my response in previous years when asked to be the CTAATX representative in taking the plunge. Yet this year, when the challenge arose again, I had a new perspective: “Why not?!”  Maybe it had something to do with reaching the mid-century mark, but this amazing cause — one near and dear to me — finally enticed my participation. Thanks to an abundance of encouragement and generous donations, I earned a spot as a 2017 Edger.

Over the last few months, colleagues and friends frequently inquired: “Are you ready?” “How do you feel?” “You nervous?” But honestly, I tried not think about it. The morning of the rappel, however, when I rounded the corner and saw the W Hotel and bright orange ropes with tiny figures hanging on it, that’s when my pulse quickened and I realized the gravity of the adventure ahead.

My total rappel time lasted 15:04, but it could have easily been two minutes or two hours. Lowering yourself from the top of a 37-story building, time stands still. The view of Austin was incredible, but an adventure this was, featuring equal parts of both terror and excitement. I have never in my life experienced a rush of adrenaline like that of stepping off the roof of a high-rise. The best part of this remarkable day was being at 438 feet — all the way at the top — and easily hearing the cheers of my supporters from ground level.

I strongly recommend getting outside your comfort zone and stretching your limitations. I’m so glad I took this on and raised the bar for myself, while contributing to granting wishes for Make-A-Wish kids. Next year, CTAATX will continue to be all-in. Please consider following in the footsteps of several CTA team members, and volunteer to go Over the Edge for a great cause!

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