Calendar of a different kind

By: Andy Meyer
10 January 2017

CTA’s Graphic Design team, ever in search of unique visual outputs, created a custom piece to be enjoyed by CTA team members and clients alike. Instead of printing traditional calendars (with questionable usage rates), the team — comprised of Jim Beal, Andy Meyer, Genna Granada, Lisa Guerrero, Brian Emmons, Stacey Sheridan, and Ron Whitworth — devised “something with a little twist,” a bit more practicality, and immediate applicability … with a dash of fun tossed in.

We exchanged ideas and it was decided to design and print sets of custom CTA coasters. Each double-sided coaster features two CTA projects and provides a quick reference calendar that can be kept within arm’s reach. Twelve-hundred coaster sets were printed and we quickly got busy labeling and stuffing tins to complete the package — a little “elf production” just before Christmas.

The final product is a unique calendar which we hope everyone will enjoy!

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