Calling All Heroes!

By: Genna Granada
23 August 2011

All of us have experienced great client service or observed someone exhibiting integrity in their actions. These qualities might be found in the person who sits right beside you or a CTA teammate half way across the nation. You might be a junior member absorbing your project manager’s ability to anticipate their client’s needs and deliver on the promises made.  Or you may be further along in your career and notice a younger colleague’s concern for integrity in their practices. You may have had one of your colleagues notarize a form for you….where would CTA be without the care and integrity they exhibit toward their responsibility and you, their client?  I, myself, have been the recipient of extended client service time and time again on tight RFP deadlines. I rely on my support staff colleagues to carry the ball forward once I have completed my portion, to proof, deliver, transmit or ftp the final product – many times they anticipate and troubleshoot problems before they arise.

So look around you…is there someone who is continually a hero? Are they always interested in the right thing to do? Striving for what is best for our client? The techniques, strategies, and technologies of our industry may change dramatically, but it’s the core values of CTA that are the foundation of our success. Doing business by the Golden Rule is why CTA is respected and recognized as an example to others in our professions.  CTA’s Integrity & Client Service Award was created to raise awareness of how important our heritage of doing business with honesty, integrity, and compassion has been to the firm’s success and how important it is in our continued success.

Please take a bit of time to acknowledge your colleagues who are upholding our core value of Integrity and Client Service!  The on-line nomination form is very easy to fill out. You can access the link to it from the Hub right here: http://thehub/nomination form
Remember – absolutely every CTA employee is eligible for this award, except our Associate Principals and Principals.

We can’t have a winner of the 2nd Annual Integrity & Client Service Award – The Geno – without your help!
Thanks from the…


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