CTA designer aids ZeroLandfill Boise in keeping samples from becoming trash

By: Travis Estvold
27 October 2014

From zerolandfill.net: “Materials are not recycled, but rather upcycled. That is, the materials are kept intact and re-used for another purpose.”

CTA interior designer Randi Thomas recently participated in her third ZeroLandfill Boise “Harvest Day” event. ZeroLandfill is a national program in which designers and architects assemble to find new owners for their expired specification samples — including carpet tile, paint, laminate chips, fabric, decorative trim, flooring, upholstery swatches, and various books — versus pitching them in the trash.

“In this industry we tend to go through a lot of material samples as products change and expire,” Thomas said. “ZeroLandfill is a great way to reuse those samples instead of throwing them away.”

At the annual event, this year held in a warehouse lent by Business Interiors of Idaho, donated materials are offered for free to the public; many of the “harvesters” are local teachers and artists that typically struggle with small budgets, Thomas says. The 2014 Harvest Day was scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., but the entire stock of samples was cleaned out by 11:45.

“This was our most successful year to date because for the first time, all of our donations were given away to a new home!” Thomas declared.

In total, the Boise team collected 9,000 pounds of materials this year; via their Facebook page, they vowed to find even more items for next year’s event. This is the third year the Boise arm of ZeroLandfill has been active, while the national program has been running since 2006.


Photos courtesy of ZeroLandfill Boise.

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