CTA education designer Salmon leads overflowing, interactive ‘deeper learning’ session at CEFPI conference

By: Travis Estvold
2 November 2015

  • Creating an understanding of the essential educational practices of Deeper Learning.
  • Facilitating participant discussion on alignment of Deeper Learning practices with traditional educational practices.
  • Sharing salient facilities characteristics of schools engaged in Deeper Learning.
  • Facilitating participant discussion on how to apply the facilities principals to their own practices.


In classrooms where deeper learning is the focus, you find students who are motivated and challenged—who look forward to their next assignment. They apply what they have learned in one subject area to newly encountered situations in another. They can see how their classwork relates to real life. They are gaining an indispensable set of knowledge, skills, and beliefs. READ MORE.

In late 2014, the Hewlett Foundation released long-term research on Deeper Learning, which identified core educational attributes of schools fostering twenty-first century goals, including:

  • Emphasizing core academic content
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Effective communication
  • Self-directed learning
  • An academic mindset

The research analyzed educational approaches of 20 schools in 10 networks focused on Deeper Learning, and compared them with 13 non-network schools. Students were surveyed in all of the schools. The resultant research offers an understanding of what successful twenty-first century learning looks like, and how to organize schools to achieve it. Salmon’s workshop complemented the research, which focused on teaching and learning, by exploring the facilities Deeper Learning schools have designed to support their educational practices. This included reviewing floor plans, organizational diagrams, and photos of the Deeper Learning school facilities; and presenting the most essential and common characteristics as guiding principles for Deeper Learning facilities.

CTA_NickSalmon_Missoulian_TomBauerPhotographer_croppedNICK SALMON:
“Our clients benefit from learning about how these highly effective schools are improving teaching and learning in their communities. We also use our EXPLORE workshops to stretch minds, inspire students and teachers, and connect them to mentors in these schools.”

For more information on how Deeper Learning concepts impact design, and how this can improve your educational facilities and the experience of all its users, contact Nick Salmon: nicks@ctagroup.com or 406.728.9522.

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