CTA healthcare architect Lindsay Erb earns Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification

By: Travis Estvold
29 February 2016

Lindsay Erb, a project architect working from CTA Architects Engineers’ office in Boise, ID, has become the third person in the state to earn her Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) from The Center for Health Design. EDAC is a specialty certification for healthcare professionals – from architects and designers to hospital executives and healthcare providers – who demonstrate a thorough understanding of making design decisions rooted in credible research to achieve the best possible outcomes.

CTA has two other team members that carry EDAC credentials (Gene Kolstad of Billings, MT, and Nick Remus of Denver, CO), and the firm has been a part of the Center for Health Design’s Pebble Project for work on Billings Clinic.

As a healthcare design specialist, Erb has committed herself to creating environments that are healing to patients; safe and efficient for staff; and most importantly, she says, designed based on research to create an outcome that achieves client goals. Erb earned her Master of Architecture from the University of Idaho in 2002, and started with CTA in 2006. Her projects have included work on Humboldt General Hospital in Winnemucca, NV, as well as other rural hospitals in Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.

CTA_staff_LindsayErbLINDSAY ERB:
“Healthcare will continue to adapt and grow. It is critical to be on the cutting edge of research to create the best design solution for our clients.

I love working on healthcare projects and specifically I have been focused on rural healthcare for the previous ten years of my career. It’s rewarding and fun to work with clients who want to provide the best healthcare for their rural communities.

Healthcare projects tend to have added complexities with code and guideline restrictions – and I enjoy this. With this certification under my belt, I hope to continue to work with CTA’s healthcare clients and find all available credible research that helps to better their design solutions.”

Main image: Healthcare architects Amy Lindgren (left) and Lindsay Erb collaborate on a recent project for Humboldt General Hospital.


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