CTA imagery supports Houzz articles on outdoor-inspired kitchen remodels and bunkbeds for crowds

By: Travis Estvold
23 August 2016

Houzz, a social media platform integrating several functions of Facebook and Pinterest (alongside many other unique features) is a social media outlet for home design and remodeling. Because it relies heavily on users sharing photos of their work, Houzz writers have the ability to create insightful lists and long format articles that are supported by beautiful imagery.

Two recent articles called upon CTA project photography:

Whitefish Mountain Residence

8 Ways to Remodel Your Indoor Kitchen to Get an Outdoor Vibe

I may have an unhealthy obsession with outdoor kitchens. When I want to relax, I’ll pore over ideas and images of stunning outdoor spaces dedicated to cooking, eating and entertaining. Same goes when I can’t sleep. Instead of counting sheep, I create mental floor plans of outdoor kitchens for my house and for the homes of family and friends. My ideal outdoor kitchen would be outfitted with a sink, top-of-the-line grill, exterior-grade appliances and plenty of counter space for cooking and entertaining. Alas, I’ve yet to realize this dream amenity since there’s always some obstacle — budget, bugs, climate, space limitations — standing in my way. Fortunately there are many ways to create an outdoor feeling in an indoor kitchen.

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Conine Residence

How to Outfit a Bunk Room That Sleeps a Crowd

When it comes to hosting a slew of guests, think vertical.

Whether you need room for extended family, grandkids or friends with gaggles of wee ones, squeezing in those extra beds can be a challenge. Find out how to make a bunk room work without feeling cramped, and get some styling ideas for pulling it all together. Color-coordinate the bedding. In a room with three or more beds, having bedding and a rug that fit within a tight color palette can keep the space feeling fresh and neat, even when overrun with small visitors. To keep bed-making as simple as possible, consider going with just a fitted sheet and duvet (or coverlet if it’s hot), plus a single pillow. Tuck in blankets snugly to prevent them from sliding off the upper bunks during the night.

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