CTA IN THE NEWS: Event highlights Kalispell’s rapid growth

By: Travis Estvold
6 September 2017

From kpax.com:

Kalispell city leaders are celebrating the recent growth and development of the Flathead Valley but remain cautious of building up the area too quickly. The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce hosted an event Thursday that highlighted the tremendous amount of construction happening across the Flathead Valley in commercial, residential, and community driven areas.

Over 20 major projects were explained in detail to explain the current and future construction plans set in place over the next two years. The new children’s medical center at Kalispell Regional Medical Center and the Glacier Rail Park were among the construction projects shown off as part of the Billion Dollar Tour.

“Essentially the Billion Dollar Tour is a culmination of construction happening in hospitality, healthcare, education, community, industrial, residential, retail, and restaurant industries over the next couple of years,” David Mitchell of CTA Architects Engineers explained.

Although there is an insane amount of growth and construction going on throughout the entire Flathead Valley, the community is conscious of the risk of building and developing too much too quickly.

“Sometimes there’s some great agricultural land that gets sucked up in development, but I think as a community we are doing a good job on infill — urban infill — which helps lessen that burden of urban sprawl, growing out too far too soon,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell added that CTA also sees an opportunity to develop while also using cleaner energy, stating, “There’s a lot of opportunity for sustainable energy and we feel we’re on the leading edge and continue to promote it as best we can.”

The city of Kalispell is growing at one of the fastest population rates in Montana, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.



“This CTA-sponsored Chamber of Commerce event highlighted construction efforts going on in the Flathead Valley, during which several CTA projects were highlighted, including: Founders Hall on the campus of Flathead Valley Community College, Fresh Life Church, North Town Center, Whitefish Credit Union, Flathead County Justice Center, Marriot Townplace, and Bigfork High School.

This kind of open house offers everyone in attendance an opportunity to be involved — whether they’re thinking about building, developing, or investing. And it provides insight to what’s currently going on throughout the valley.”

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