CTA IN THE NEWS: Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Willard Alternative High School Program

By: Travis Estvold
14 September 2017

From abcfoxmontana.com:

Missoula County Public Schools hosted a groundbreaking ceremony [Monday] for the new Willard Alternative High School. The new school is located on south sixth street in Missoula, where they broke ground today at the ceremony. Staff from CTA Architects Engineers and Sletten Construction were joined by Superintendent Mark Thane, Principal Kevin Ritchlin, and the Supervisor of Operations and Maintenance, Burley McWilliams.

Principal Ritchlin said that this project should be done by the 2018-19 school year. “I think because it’s the beginning, so this is the start of the actual construction. You know when you begin envisioning a new school and talking about what it could look like and what it could be like it is all sort of artificial until you actually start digging. And so now were actually in the process where we are going to see a school being built right before our very eyes from the ground up,” Ritchlin said.

The construction and capital improvement projects are funded by an $88 million elementary district bond, and a 70 million dollar high school district bond approved by voters on November, 3rd 2015. Construction on several schools in the local area will occur throughout the year as part of the Smart School 2020 projects. These projects are currently in progress and will continue into the year 2020.



“Willard is about individual personality and relationships.  It has been an amazing experience getting to work with the students and the staff at Willard — their energy, insight, and general artistic approach to their environment is both beautiful and inspiring, and it is translating into a very complex and interesting floor plan arrangement. The design team in Missoula, Billings, and Kalispell has done an excellent job pulling everything together, and we look forward to seeing it inhabited!”

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