CTA IN THE NEWS: McCall’s alternative high school finally gets its own home

By: CTA In The News
30 November 2017

From idahobusinessreview.com:

For 27 years, McCall’s alternative high school has bounced from the school district’s basement to Ponderosa Park to 20 years in a pair of trailers at the edge of McCall-Donnelly High School. Since February, Heartland High School has filled a small building that previously housed the district IT department and a board policy meeting room. But now, the 23 alternative high school students can step outside and see the first dedicated building for Heartland High School under construction at the far corner of McCall-Donnelly High.

The new Heartland High will open no later than June 2018 or as early as March if a roof is on before substantial snow falls, James Foudy, superintendent of McCall-Donnelly Joint School District, said.

Heartland students take fierce pride in their school, even in the improvised settings where it has been set since its establishment in 1991, said Foudy and confirmed by Lexi Dean, mother of a Heartland senior. “They are proud of their school,” Dean said. “(The new school) will make them that much more proud. It’s going to be a huge sense of pride for the kids. It’s going to be more of a home for them.”

Students collaborated with CTA Architects Engineers of Boise to determine the basic layout of the school by moving around small, colored blocks marked as school rooms. Students came up with four classrooms wrapping around a central kitchen and student commons, which they insisted on calling the “family room.”

“The architects kept that,” Foudy said about the family room designation. The kitchen is not part of the academic program but it literally will be a central feature at the new Heartland school. “We want to teach them how to cook for their families,” Foudy said. “It’s one of the intangible cultural elements we wanted to introduce.”

Construction started in June. CSDI Construction of Boise is the general contractor. The 5,400-square-foot school is being paid for with $2.2 million from the district’s construction savings account and $400,000 from the district’s forest reserve fund, which is primarily used for capital projects.


Student Design Exercise, Sept. 2016

Construction Photos, July – Nov. 2017


“CTA approaches every project from an integrated design perspective — not only internally, but with the client as well. In designing the new Heartland High School, CTA’s team went into the programming sessions with no preconceived ideas of what the building and spaces where going to look like or how they were going to relate to each other. The team met with students, faculty, and school board representatives to get feedback on what they wanted in their new school.

After that meeting, CTA put together three concepts for the same groups to review, and all three chose the ‘Family Room’ option, with classrooms and offices surrounding a central common area. This is going to be a great building for these students to not only achieve a high school diploma, but learn life skills that will help them succeed.”

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