CTA IN THE NEWS: Missoula riverfront project gets green light for designers

By: Travis Estvold
15 November 2017

From nbcmontana.com:

Monday night, the city of Missoula signed off on the agreements that allow the Fox Site project to move forward. The Fox Site sits in the Riverfront Triangle at Orange Street and Front Street.

Chris Behan, with the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, said after the meeting everyone took a minute to realize they made it to this point then knew it was time to get to work. “We know we’re getting to the finish line; now we have to figure out how,” said Behan.

Behan said now the developer, the Fox Hotel, will give the green light to the designers, CTA Architects Engineers, to design the hotel, conference center, parking structure and condominiums. CTA has a limit of 18 months to get the design done. They brought on a consulting company, Portfolio for Hospitality, that specializes in conference center interiors.

After the 18 months of design, CTA has another six months to get their permits and financing finalized. Twenty-four months is the absolute maximum, but Behan said they know time is money and materials increase in prices, so they will try to finish well before the deadline. In fact, they could get one design finalized and begin construction on one piece while still designing another piece.

“We have a set of documents now that are flexible enough that allow us to move forward but rigid enough to get it done,” said Behan.

Thirty months is the absolute deadline to begin construction but they may start earlier.

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“After five years of working with our client group and the City of Missoula, we are thrilled to have gained unanimous Missoula City Council approval for the project this week. This major threshold gives the developers 18 months to complete design documents and gain building permits for the project which consists of a 195-key hotel, 48-unit private condos, a 50,000 sq. ft. conference center and a two story underground parking garage. The projected budget is over $80 million for the project.

“CTA has been the lead consultant during this pre-approval and conceptual design phase, working closely with Portfolio for Hospitality’s Craig Smith out of Houston, who has provided deep hotel and conference center design expertise. WGM Engineering has also been providing civil engineering services. As part of this effort, CTA led the process of getting the entire site re-zoned to Missoula’s downtown zoning designation, allowing for the high-density urban development to take place. Moving forward, we expect schematic design to begin by the end of the year.

“Thanks to Tim Lee, Jackie Bull, Casey O’Harren, David Koel and all other team members who have assisted to date.”

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