CTA IN THE NEWS: Project to remodel CTE center gets green light

By: CTA In The News
2 July 2018

With formal approval by the Treasure Valley Community College Board of Education on Tuesday, an expansion and remodel project for the college’s Vocational Tech building can now begin in earnest. The new name of the building will be the Career and Technical Education Center, and will cost approximately $6.2 million. The plan is to remodel the current 18,000 square-foot vo-tech building at a cost of $150 per square foot and expand the space an additional 12,000 square feet at a cost of $250 per square foot, according to documents presented to the board on the project. The community college has been looking for a new career and technical education center since as far back as the beginning of 2005, according to documents. The scope of such a project has changed from a brand new building to a remodel and expansion, as it “makes good economic sense and the remodel is strongly supported by the College’s community partners.”

Remodel to ‘accommodate a lot of needs’

During a presentation to the TVCC Board, on Tuesday, Bernie Babcock, the former physical plant and campus security director, who was in charge of buildings and grounds and is now overseeing the CTE Center project, the key for the remodel is in ensuring the space has “flexibility to accommodate a lot of needs.” The CTE Center would need to meet the needs of crop science, agriculture, animal science, welding, natural resources, automated systems and potential future classes the community college hasn’t added, Babcock said. The remodel would update all of the electrical systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In addition, it would add new, larger and more modern classrooms.

The architectural firm formally approved by the TVCC Board on Tuesday is CTA Architects Engineers. The budgeted amount for the services of such a firm is $565,000, according to board documents. A final contract price and contract is already in the works, and is being reviewed by the TVCC’s attorney and the architectural firm. “Their DNA is community colleges,” Babcock told the Board before its vote. A seven-person selection committee selected the architectural firm, with members giving unanimous support of this particular firm, Babcock said. The timeline for the construction project is tentatively set for 18 months. Bidding for a contractor would happen sometime in January of 2019, with construction tentatively set for March of 2019, substantial and final completion May of 2020. The tentative move in would be sometime in May through July of 2020.

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