CTA IN THE NEWS: RiverStone to break ground on new $11M clinic on Aug. 9

By: Travis Estvold
19 July 2016

From billingsgazette.com:

RiverStone Health plans to break ground on a new and larger clinic in August, addressing what employees have for years described as cramped and crowded conditions in its current clinic. In its current facility, RiverStone has resorted to measures such as converting a bathroom into a meeting room and using a small space under a stairway as an employee work space to address the cramped conditions. The new clinic is aimed at permanently addressing the county health agency’s space concerns. RiverStone will break ground on the new 25,000-square-foot clinic on Aug. 9 at 12:30 p.m. in a public ceremony.

“It’s going to be an incredibly patient-friendly, staff- friendly, process-friendly facility,” said John Felton, RiverStone president and CEO. “It’s going to be incredibly efficient.” The new clinic, designed by CTA Architects Engineers, will be built just to the south of RiverStone’s current clinic, at 123 S. 27th St.

As RiverStone has grown and expanded over the years, including by moving to a more comprehensive medical home model and adding medical teaching programs, it has outgrown the old building. Today, it serves about 20,000 patients and processes 90,000 visits annually. When the clinic was built in 1995 the agency saw around 9,000 patients and 20,000 annual visits. “This is being designed as a patient-centered medical home and to be a teaching facility,” Felton said. That will include adding 17 exam rooms for a total of 48. Those rooms will be divided into four “pods” of 12 rooms each and will be built around a central teaching area for resident physicians and others learning at RiverStone.

Throughout the design process — CTA Architects Engineers in Billings is in charge of the design, while Dick Anderson Construction will build the clinic — employees have been providing input and suggestions. That includes focus groups, emailed ideas and tours of exam room mock-ups, gathering input on every aspect, from the layout of the entryway all the way down to the location of coat hangers. “The people that will actually work in the building will have a huge influence on what the building looks like … ” Felton said. “When you engage people in a process like this, you’re going to get the best they have to offer.”

The first phase of construction on the new clinic is expected to take about a year at a cost of around $8 million. A second phase, for about $3 million, will began after that to connect the new and old clinics. The old building will, among other things, be used to add supportive and therapy services.


“CTA has been working with RiverStone Health since 2008 and the new clinic is a third phase of planning following the first phases of work that consolidated seven locations into one campus. The new clinic expands their current service capabilities and replaces their currently very cramped clinical service space (which will be remodeled appropriately for other added services). Their goal was to have this building feel comparable to any clinic a client might walk into, regardless of cultural or financial status.

RiverStone is one of the greatest clients I have ever worked with. Keeping up with their ever-evolving healthcare delivery process and internship educational delivery model is challenging yet rewarding. To their credit, they are a very creative group understanding of budget constraints and working with a linear design process that adds detail and definition in phases of design. Spending three scheduled months in conceptual design really helped solidify a concept that addressed all of their programmatic and basic design wishes. Anyone would enjoy working with these folks!”

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