CTA IN THE NEWS: St. Vincent seeks staff suggestions on first ICU overhaul in 40 years

By: Travis Estvold
24 May 2016

From billingsgazette.com:

More space, more natural light, and a more efficient design can have a big impact on how quickly and effectively a patient laid up in an intensive care unit heals. That’s the idea behind a planned $18 million renovation of the St. Vincent Healthcare ICU, and on Wednesday the people who work there got a chance to see early designs and give input on a mock-up of the standard patient room.

The new ICU will feature more open and larger rooms, upgraded technology, and a more efficient design geared toward making room and accommodations for patients and families. The expansion and renovation updates an ICU that was built more than 40 years ago. It will add about 3,000 square feet to the current ICU, which sits on the hospital’s second floor, and increase the number of patient rooms from 22 to 24 while adding more than 100 square feet to, and in some cases doubling, each room’s size. That will include beds or other sleeping space in the rooms for loved ones.

“When the ICU was built in 1975, it was more physician- or provider-driven in the rooms than patient-driven,” said Megan Stovall, senior director of campaigns for the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, which is raising money for the renovation. “We know now that with their families around the patients, the healing process goes faster.” The employees who viewed the mock-up, set up in a cage-like support structure provided by medical technology company Hill-Rom, also had the opportunity to check out floor plans and a virtual tour from Billings-based CTA Architects Engineers.

The first of four construction phases for the renovation is expected to begin in June or July and the entire project will likely finish in late 2018. At least 16 ICU beds will remain open and available for use throughout the entire construction process.


The ICU mock-up is an example of how involved the St. Vincent staff has been in the design process. A mock-up for the St. Vincent operating rooms renovation was also constructed. Discovering the need for even the smallest revision now, during design, will make the built spaces even better for the well-being of patients. Credit goes to Saunders Construction, Inc. and Langlas & Associates, Inc. for building the ICU and OR mock-up spaces in collaboration with Hill-Rom.

Take an animated tour of the forthcoming space:

[evp_embed_video url=”http://www.ctagroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SaintVincent_ICU_animation.mp4″]

Main image (by James Woodcock of the Billings Gazette): Judi Walker, center, director of Clinical Facilities Planning with SCL Health, directs a tour of a new intensive care unit mock-up for St. Vincent Healthcare staff. [Over her left shoulder, you can see CTA PM/architect Jeff Hultgren (in a light blue shirt) on-site for the tour.]

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