CTA IN THE NEWS: Two new Bozeman projects on the horizon

By: CTA In The News
17 April 2018

Two Bozeman projects with CTA involvement have recently been discussed in the media — a renovation to Bozeman High School and an addition to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital.

Read more about both projects below:

From bozemandailychronicle.com:

The School Board agreed Monday to select the same architecture firm that designed Bozeman’s second high school to design the $25 million renovation of the original Bozeman High School. Trustees voted 7-0 to hire CTA Architects Engineers, which designed the $93 million new high school that just broke ground in northwest Bozeman. The other firm competing for the job, Comma-Q Architecture, designed the last major renovation of Bozeman High School in 2010. If negotiations on fees with CTA aren’t successful, then the School Board would allow administrators to negotiate with Comma-Q.

“It was a close decision,” said Trustee Douglas Fischer, one of about nine people who served on the architect selection committee. Teachers were excited about CTA’s ideas about enhancing learning communities, he added.

Scott Wilson of CTA said it was “a huge honor to have the district’s trust. One thing that excites us is Bozeman High has a rich history,” Wilson continued. “It’s always going to be unique.” One challenge will be finding ways to “create parity” between the two schools, Wilson added.

Todd Swinehart, school district facilities director, said it would be hard to renovate Bozeman High when it’s full of 2,200 to 2,400 students. So the plan is to wait until the new high school opens in 2020, when hundreds of students will move to the new space, before starting on fixing the original high school. It is to get a new two-story classroom building and its first auditorium, as well as other improvements. The School Board also voted to ratify an agreement with the city of Bozeman to split the cost of $4.5 million in infrastructure improvements for the new high school. The school district will pay more than $1.59 million, mainly for constructing Oak Street, Cottonwood Road and a roundabout, while the city will pay $2.9 million.



From KBZK:



“With the design of the new ICU wing and expanded entry the CTA team has been working to assist Bozeman Health in achieving their goals of providing the best functional facilities to both patients and staff, using the eco-system of Bozeman to create a healing sanctuary environment, and further establish the community pride and permanence of the Bozeman Health Campus.  We’re excited by what this project means for the future of health care in the Gallatin Valley community.”

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