CTA welcomes its newest associates!

By: CTA In The News
18 April 2018

CTA Architects Engineers has announced six new additions to its associate owners group from five of our offices nation-wide. Designating team members as associates is a key component of CTA’s leadership structure and exemplifies the firm’s emphasis on high performance and individual contributions to its culture and success.

ALEX BINGHAM | Architect (Austin, TX)

What is your vision for the future of CTA?

Design. As David Milne once said “design is a behavior not a department.” I envision a CTA where we are all conscious about design regardless of what department we are in.

CHARLIE DEESE | AIA, NCARB | Architect (Kalispell, MT)

What is your vision for the future of CTA?

CTA has the exciting problem of making a good thing better. Whether it is improving upon design, client experience, or work environment there are active efforts and dedication on all fronts. Through technological advancement or evolution of management practice I see CTA becoming a more agile organization even better equipped to lead the industry rather than react.

CAROL MANSFIELD | Office Administrator (Seattle, WA)

What excites you about being a representative of your discipline within CTA leadership?

Working with the project teams and accounting to bridge the gap in communication and understanding has been my sweet spot. There are not many from a support position or from accounting in the Associate group so I am excited to offer a little different perspective in solving challenges that impact CTA.

ZACK GRAHAM | PE | SITE Leader/Civil Engineer (Bozeman, MT)

What makes CTA a special place to work?

Doing business by the Golden Rule…that’s a game changer.

ERIC NELSON | PE, LEED AP, ASHRAE | Mechanical Engineer (Boise, ID)

What makes CTA a special place to work?

CTA values an entrepreneurial spirit, meaning we are all empowered to take risks when we see opportunities. I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different things over the course of my career here.

CATHRINE TAIT | Architect (Austin, TX)

What makes CTA a special place to work?

CTA is a unique place. I cannot think of anywhere else that refers to their team as family. I truly believe the the culture of caring for each other naturally translates to caring for our projects, clients, and consultants. I am proud to be a part of the CTA family and and an ambassador to the firm.

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