CTA’s ‘Fighting Wilsons’ hockey team scores in Missoula tourney

By: Travis Estvold
3 November 2017

CTA director of architecture Tom Calla has a lot of passions outside of work. One of them happens to be hockey — so on recent travels to various offices, he casually made note of CTAers who share an interest in his favorite sport.

A few months ago, he learned of Glacier Ice Rink’s 10th Annual Halloween Challenge in Missoula, MT, and sent an email to gauge interest from his list of hockey enthusiasts. Nearly everyone responded with a “yay,” so Calla wrangled CTA sponsorship of the event and the team was signed up for the tourney. The team adopted the name “The Fighting Wilsons” — an homage to CTA President Scott Wilson — after a placeholder in one of Calla’s emails ended up sticking.

On the drive to Missoula with fellow CTA Boise team members Bob Howard and Chris Dwyer, Calla cited dual goals for the team: “having fun and competing.” They definitely accomplished both. Following a victory in their opening game Friday evening (10/27),  the team scored wins on both Saturday morning and afternoon (10/28), earning them a birth in the championship Sunday morning (10/29). They won that, too.

Calla was quick to downplay the significance of besting the competition. Sportsmanship was abundant throughout the tournament, and everyone seemed to have a blast, he noted. “We showed up as relative strangers from the same company, and left with a successful demonstration of team-building — plus a championship cup,” he said.

The team included nine CTA team members from four different offices, with a few friends and family members mixed in (as shown above, top to bottom, L to R): Danny Morris, Chris Dwyer, Bob Howard, Ahri Cornelius, Kyle Sillars, Keith Jacobsen, Tony Krattiger, Marisa Kramer, Eric Schowengerdt, Jenny Bennett, Nick Doherty, Tom Calla, and Jared Sheffield. Not pictured, but also participating in the first two games, were Bruce Kramer and Kellen Mickelson.

Future adventures for this team are currently under consideration.

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