CUSHING TERRELL IN THE NEWS: Following open house, Melfort [SK] zeroing in on final design for Main St.

By: Travis Estvold
17 May 2016


Melfort residents are down to two options for the final design of Main Street, which were unveiled at an open house on Wednesday night. Option one sees the City keep parallel parking with central pedestrian-friendly medians, while option two shortens the width of the street and implements angle parking. While option two will feature more parking and the possibility of parklets and patios, it also will eliminate left-hand turn lanes on Main Street.

Cushing Terrell Architecture Director of Canadian Operations Kieron Hunt says both designs could work well within Main Street Melfort. “We knew there were going to be opinions from both sides,” says Hunt. “As we’ve said, it’s determining the pros and cons of each, which have the best community value, and also measuring which one can best work with the costs that the city has available to them.”

Hunt says they turned to old photographs of Main Street as inspiration for many of their designs. “It was amazing to see how enticing and how captivating some of the buildings were back in the early 1900s,” he says. “And how over the past 100 years or so, the streets and the buildings have lost their way. So really by looking at those buildings and seeing what made them work in their heyday, [that] gave us great cues of how to rediscover that.”

Hunt also says local elementary and high school students had a big say in the final design process. “That age group is often forgotten and not consulted,” he says. “They are the ones that are going to be the future patrons and business owners in the community. So, we want to make sure that they have their input and say into this design process.”

Cushing Terrell will now take the next few weeks to mull over comments from Wednesday meeting, and will present a final design to Melfort Council next month.

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