CUSHING TERRELL IN THE NEWS: Main Street Melfort addresses City Council Monday night

By: Travis Estvold
17 January 2017


Showcasing support for the Main Street Melfort program, local business owners, Ena McAuley of George Home Hardware and Tara Muntain of TJ’s Pizza Melfort addressed Melfort City Council on Monday, January 16. “From the highway to the mall, I think it’s really important that the business community supports the heart of Melfort,” said Muntain.

The Main Street Melfort program was developed by Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. in collaboration with the Melfort Business Revitalization Corporation to identify and prioritize strategic improvements in the Main Street Melfort area as well as preserve historical landmarks while helping businesses and property owners improve their storefronts. For their final report, Cushing Terrell Architecture Inc. asked for public input through workshops, forums, community consultations and networking opportunities.

“Through the program, any business in the designated area has the chance to have provincial funds for rehabilitating the exterior frontage of their building and we have applied for a grant for that to be able to replace our windows and repair the brickwork that’s falling apart in the front of our building,” said Muntain. “Without the City of Melfort being a part of that program, we wouldn’t have been able to apply for that grant and it’s huge. For a small business owner, we don’t have a lot of money floating around, so to be able to have access to that is a big thing. We’re really appreciative of that.”



“As part of the Urban Design and Public Engagement process, Cushing Terrell was honoured to work with the City and Main Street Melfort in providing sample renderings of how storefronts and businesses could be improved in the Main Street area, and how they could leverage available grants to facilitate their improvements. Our work looked at the Main Street holistically and helped identify a range of architectural styles that acknowledges the mix of buildings that spans the last 100+ years of Melfort’s history.

Property owners have already used our renderings to successfully obtain grants for façade and/or building improvements; we are excited to see the positive results of our work!”

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