Custom logo installation the cherry on top for CTA Billings re-roofing project

By: CTA In The News
14 July 2016

CTA_post_CTAlogoOnRoofOfBillingsOffice_closeupAt the end of June, a team from CTA’s Roofing and Building Envelope group completed the final phase of a major re-roofing project for the firm’s largest office building in Billings, MT. The project consisted of replacement of approximately 4,100 sq. ft. of roofing along with the installation of a new solar array system. An 8′ by 8′ custom CTA logo was the final component to complete the project. Printing of the logo, installation, and Hypalon (CSPE) single-ply membrane for the entire project were provided by Burke Industries, a company whose superior products are often cited in CTA specifications. Known more for their flooring, among Burke’s varying projects are logo applications for about 80% of the National Hockey League, both in locker rooms and under their ice.

“We have clients and industry insiders looking at our roof pretty regularly so we’re excited to have this logo up there,” Pat Todd, CTA roofing envelope consultant, said. “We’re also looking forward to seeing the newly-installed CTA logo, solar array system, and our other handiwork appear on Google Maps the next time they’re updated.”

Justin Voeller, CTA AV systems engineer and an unmanned aerial system (UAS — or “drone,” as most people call them) enthusiast, snapped this post’s featured image and has been using his equipment to capture amazing aerial photos of CTA’s recent work, as well as for the firm’s photography contest (which he won for the month of June).

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