Empowerment, teamwork, and kalimotxos: Dovel-Moore bestowed with CTA’s annual ICS Award

By: Travis Estvold
7 March 2017

CTA’s Integrity and Client Service (ICS) Award is easily the most important honor bestowed internally upon any team member. “The Geno,” named after 50-year-tenured Gene Kolstad, who is the embodiment of all of CTA’s core values, is presented each December to the winner of the Integrity and Client Service (ICS) Award, alongside a cash prize. Nominees from across the firm are graded in three categories — honesty, compassion, and responsiveness — and the award committee (dubbed the “Posse”) makes a determination. “It is TOUGH because each person is so deserving,” Cheryl Peak of CTA Austin has said of her role on the Posse.

The recipient of the 2016 Integrity and Client Service Award is Nicole Dovel-Moore. An architect/project manager hailing from the Boise office, Dovel-Moore has  been with CTA since September 2008. It’s no surprise this post has taken some time to compile as she is one busy lady.

Read more on the history of the award in this post about 2014 award-winner Carol Mansfield.

Rob Arthur, a leader of CTA’s Retail team, submitted the nomination packet for Dovel-Moore. In it, he collected gushing reviews from her colleagues, of which the following are just a small sampling:

  • “Nicole cares for clients’ projects as though she was a part of the ownership team by consistently involving herself in many different client-based focal groups which explore different ways to improve not only the final product, but the process as well.”
  • “Nicole is a rock.”
  • “She is always available, I have even been able to contact her on the weekends to get some issues resolved, surprising because not all busy project managers pick up their phones.”
  • “The best part is her positivity and outgoing drive for the client to succeed along with us.”
  • “She’s very easygoing and has a gentleness about her. She really cares about the people she works with and makes sure everyone is on the same page.”
  • “Nicole cares about her team members as individual people, who they are and what they are doing, and she uses that to everyone’s advantage whenever possible.”
  • “I am amazed at how she manages to keep her thumb on the pulse of all the moving pieces.”

Nicole answered a few questions herself in response to receiving the award:

“Doing the right thing for your team and your client, both when it’s easy and when it’s difficult.”

“I feel honored and humbled to be chosen from such a great group of nominees — we truly are an amazing firm! I attribute daily gratitude, a daring and steadfast team, a nightly kalimotxo, and the love of my family — because Bryan, Kaleigh, Sage, and Archer truly are everything — to having the fortitude to do something as hard as going from zero to 100 mph. I attribute winning this award to having skill and opportunity meet each other. I was given trust, mentorship, and an opportunity to lead an incredible group of colleagues to build one hell of a design program. Behind everyone is a drive to help the client achieve their next iteration of store design quickly, to react to market changes.

The team I get to help lead is comprised of nimble, quick designers, able to juggle a lot of different projects, due dates, and design elements at the same time, all while cracking a joke and having a life outside of work. Did I mention the ability to cope with constant change? Empowerment: I am empowered to do what needs to be done, to seek answers, and to assist others. I hope I am building that environment every day. A big thank you to Rob Arthur and our leadership for empowerment! I absolutely love the people I work with — thank you to each and every one of them. A special shout out to Rae Tennant, Carolyn Berman, Freddie Dickinson, Mike Amestoy, Troy Kinkade, Matt Hays, Mark Schaff, and our IT Department. And we miss our dear friend Mike Leavitt every day.

The Target team and our Retail group are amazing — hardworking, super-talented, fun, individualistic professionals. I also have to give thanks to the women I work with in Boise and throughout CTA. It is so important to see other women successful in this industry. Thank you to the strong women of this firm.”

“Bad-assery. It comes in all shapes and sizes. I am excited to be inspired by next year’s winner and nominees!”

And last-but-not-least, CTA President Scott Wilson offered some thoughts:

“Nicole: The nominees for the annual Integrity and Client Service Award represent team members that thoroughly do right by their clients, their colleagues, the firm, the community, and the industry. And as a winner, it means you are a bright, shining example for everyone to aspire to.

Congratulations on receiving the 2016 ICS Award. If it wasn’t apparent from the kind words everyone contributed, you are an incredibly valuable member of our team. Thank you for your tremendously hard work and espousal of CTA’s core value of the Golden Rule!”

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