Environmental group aids Opheim School following gym flooding

By: Tim Mulholland
23 May 2017

Opheim School, a rural institution on the Hi-Line of Montana, experienced several major flood events over a period of years. The flooding resulted in the hardwood gymnasium floor becoming saturated with water, apparently from below. CTA’s Insurance group team conducted investigations and determined storm water was accumulating in an eastern courtyard, overtopping the foundation/sill plate and flooding the gym. Based on hidden damage to the exterior building components, it was obvious the building had experienced routine seasonal flooding as well as periodic catastrophic flooding.

Suspected asbestos-containing materials were sampled during the initial investigation to ensure the safety of students and staff, as well as to save mobilization costs and prevent project delays. CTA’s Environmental group developed a remedy with members of our Architectural and Envelope departments to specify building materials and construction methods to waterproof exterior building materials so accumulated water had time to flow away from the foundation. The Environmental group then hired contractors and performed construction administration to correct the drainage problem and prevent future claims.

In situations like these, CTA’s Environmental group is deployed to react quickly to engineer solutions allowing a swift and safe turnaround for the school. Our close coordination with in-house architectural, envelope, and engineering staff, as well as our ability to liaise with and manage subcontractors makes our services a huge value to insurance carriers at times when great stress may be setting in due to unfortunate environmental or other external influences. We can help get you on your feet and back to what you do!

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