Feedback requested for college campus master plan

By: Travis Estvold
5 August 2014

Link to interactive website:

Members of CTA’s Education Design Studio have devoted recent efforts to creating a comprehensive master plan for the College of Western Idaho’s 150-acre campus in Nampa, Idaho. The school is the fastest-growing community college in the United States, so the phased plan illustrates vast potential for 1.3 million sq. ft. of learning space, capable of serving a student population of 25,000.

Pushing the boundaries of standard master planning presentations, the designers have set up a highly interactive website that explores phasing, sustainability, campus history, and much more. The project has already been highly collaborative; the exploration phase included six on-campus workshops between the designers, students, faculty, and CWI partners. Now the team is calling for EVERYONE — including CTA team members and the general public — to get involved.

Please visit the link at the top of this post, explore the site, and offer feedback using the “Comment” link underneath the campus graphic.* All comments are welcome! Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

*Note: comments left via the orange Feedback tab on the right side are not received by the CTA Education Design Studio.

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