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The idea of hosting gallery space in our architecture and engineering firm was born during the programming phase for our new offices. We facilitated multiple sessions, asking CTA colleagues: “What is important to you regarding your working environment?” We focused on three areas: the physical environment, culture, and an “anything goes” wishlist.
Through this process, we learned the arts and a connection to the community were among top priorities. Rather than showcasing our own work, we decided to highlight pieces from accomplished artists within our region. Our overarching goal: to inspire the public to visit our office and give artists the opportunity to display their work. We encourage featured artists to be innovative and exploratory — mirroring the culture we enjoy at CTA Architects Engineers.
CTA Architects Engineers commissioned Gallery CTA’s first exhibitor, Cody Rutty, for a piece that still hangs in the main conference room.


Etching Into Existence
a collection by Jill AnnieMargaret
Etching Into Existence presents a meditative search for direction and meaning revealed through the process of copper plate etching and monotype. Intended to offer solace and refuge, the prints feature several repeated characters, from individual patches of lichen to various familiars. Through detailed line work, color, and multiple plate layering, the project blurs the boundaries between subjects while creating space for contemplation.
Jill AnnieMargaret is a Professor of Art at Boise State University where she directs the printmaking program. Her work addresses issues related to the subconscious, trauma, sexual assault, and freedom. The reification of these experiences manifests in print related mediums combined with performance, installation, collection and artist books. Jill has presented solo exhibitions in Japan, Argentina, Italy, and the United States.
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