By: David Koel
24 February 2011

Okay, it’s no surprise: living in the Rockies, I really like to ski. So imagine my glee when I heard that my good friend Randy Rupert and his close personal friends Jeff Crouch and Jesse Vigil fanaggled a “study” of some sort for some new housing up at Whitefish Resort on Big Mountain, essentially in my backyard (well, not really, but it’s pretty close, and it makes this story seem more interesting). Needless to say, I was more than interested in helping out. Secret motive: Do some sketches, maybe get some turns in on the slopes while “working”.

Randy and Jesse (and others; my apologies for not listing the whole team) have been working with Bill Foley down at Rock Creek Resort for a while now. Bill is the owner of the Rock Creek Cattle Company development, and they’ve designed him a new home, and have done some good work at the main lodge area of the resort as well, and it’s fair to say that they’ve definitely proven CTA is a dependable, creative team of professionals. Coincidentally, Bill is ALSO the owner of Whitefish Mountain Resort, and it’s this element of established trust that has garnered what’s turned out to be a very interesting study for a new boutique hotel , restaurant and bar, retail space, and ski rental shop up on Big Mountain. If you’ve been there, it’s in the location where Ed & Mully’s currently stands at a premier location in the village. The intent of the study is to design and create marketing information in an effort to ‘test the market’ for mid-range priced condo-hotel units on the mountain, unveiled this weekend over President’s Day. The graphics you see here are some of the results.
With a very limited timeframe, but a loyal commitment to do good work, the team charretted and cranked out a solid, good-looking design for the project, including several large banners and posters (thanks Genna and the CTA Graphics team!) to be distributed all over the mountain.

Another fine example of the good folks at CTA rolling up their sleeves and doing what needs to be done to help a client achieve their vision, in a freakishly short period of time. Well done, Whitefish Resort Team!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and take some more site photos…


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