Innovative Approaches to Play

By: CTA In The News
16 February 2011

Recently released research by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that 90% of Teachers believe physically active children are BETTER ABLE TO LEARN AND ARE BETTER BEHAVED IN THE CLASSROOM. This research supports medical findings that show Play Shapes the Brain, opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul. Research such as this is helping advance the Parks and Recreation Work of CTA’s LandWorks Group. CTA’s Boise LandWorks Group recently utilized this research and others like it to help the Shoshone Bannock Tribes; located in Ft. Hall, Idaho; develop a Master Plan for an 81 acre Community Park. The Shoshone Bannock Tribes developed the project as a proactive step to address social and cultural issues related to health and community development. Elements within the park reinforce the community’s desire for active recreation, spaces for community gathering and native ceremonies, as well as opportunities for economic development. CTA makes use of active living research related to physical education, learning, and health to help the park stakeholders better communicate their vision of the active recreation elements in the park including: Softball and Baseball fields, Basketball courts, Volleyball courts, Tennis courts, a Skate park, Soccer fields, an Archery Range, a Sledding hill, Playgrounds, a Splash park, and Community building.

Beyond working with the stakeholders to develop a vision for the community park, CTA continues to partner with the tribes developing a road map on how to build this community asset, including identifying funding sources and consensus building within the tribal communities. We continue to support our client by working to build partnership within the community including garnering support for the project from the local school, Indian health services, and the recreation department.

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