Intern Intel: The College Debate

By: Ari Borzea
17 August 2018

Two design charrettes down, one to go! I feel the most recent one went very well. It took hours of preparation but it definitely paid off. Everyone used the foam blocks that I cut to build prototypes of the space I am redesigning. The energy was high which made it fun and it was interesting to hear everyone’s ideas. This time I had everyone split off into three groups so collaboration was the focus, whereas in the first charrette, people worked individually. Seeing the different ideas each team presented inspired new ideas, research questions, and gave me a direction to go. I find the design charrettes very useful; I am able to present a problem, then immediately have 20 ideas thrown in my direction. It is also a way to confirm these problems are real and there are actually hundreds of solutions.

Ari prepping for her final presentation to the CTA Boise team.
On another note, college applications are opening and I am very thankful I am here at CTA Boise this summer. At the beginning of this year, I wasn’t sure if I wanted or even needed to go to college to become an architect. I spoke with here.[/vc_message]
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