Employee Voices

Our team members are happy to share a few of their favorite things about working at CTA.
Electrical Designer
CTA Austin

“There are many things that make working at CTA great: the friendly and quirky people, the atmosphere, the office socials, working on projects for Fortune 500 clients, the beverage fridge, the occasional breakfast tacos, and of course, the random Matthew McConaughey sightings! I have worked elsewhere, and although those firms were great in their own way, I simply love working at CTA. We are a team; but more importantly, we’re a family.”

Cushing Terrell Seattle

“Through a collaborative work environment, Cushing Terrell brings together design, people, and communities in creative and innovative ways. The best part about working for Cushing Terrell  is being able to work with so many talented groups and individuals who are passionate about creating meaningful impacts through everything we do.”

Who We Are/Who We Hire

We hire creative, resourceful, passionate people who focus on innovation and daring exploration.
Jimmy Talarico
CTA Bozeman

When he’s not hard at work on high-end residential or large commercial buildings, CTA architectural designer Jimmy Talarico transforms devalued materials such as thrift store candles and ash into fine art — and he’s gotten really good at it. One of his pieces earned him a trip abroad, which was detailed in this 2015 blog post.

Members of CTA Billings, Boise, Bozeman, and Kalispell

In the heart of winter, and when the workload permits, team members in offices near ski areas have been known to close down early on a Friday and hit the slopes. It’s good exercise and team-building, and a heckuva lot of fun!

Career Happenings

We celebrate and encourage professional development at CTA. Here are a few recently promoted team members.
Architect/Project Manager
Associate Principal
CTA Billings

“CTA has been an excellent place to grow my career from summer intern to AIT, then architect and project manager. I am fortunate to have wonderful mentors at CTA who have given me opportunities to work with our team members on rewarding projects with great clients, while gaining their confidence to take on more initiatives and responsibilities. As an associate, I look forward to continuing to grow CTA’s, our team members’, and our clients’ successes to carry our mission and vision forward.”

Design Architect
Associate Principal
CTA Billings

“CTA uses our core values of integrity, collaboration, and creativity to improve the communities we work in. It is those same values that make our teams unique and fun to be a part of. In the past 13 years at CTA, I’ve worked with many adventurous teams to help our clients solve difficult design problems. It is this sense of adventure that keeps me coming back to work every day.”


CTA is a mission-driven firm guided by core values that include environmental stewardship. Our firm’s environmental initiative is called EcoLOGIC and promotes sustainable design solutions that seek to advance social, environmental, and economic resiliency in our local, national, and global communities.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), CTA deploys sustainable building practices. We embrace our responsibility and leadership role in advancing design and building practices that promote high performing and healthy buildings while protecting our natural resources. In an ever-changing market, we strive to stay on top of, and lead in developing, the most current sustainable design practices.


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