Employee Voices

Our team members are happy to share a few of their favorite things about working at CTA.
CTA Denver

“The best part about working at CTA is the people. Not only do we have a diverse portfolio of projects, but a wide variety of personalities in each office as well. Everyone from the newest employee to the Principals help build great projects and help you succeed in your career.”

Cushing Terrell Seattle

“Through a collaborative work environment, Cushing Terrell brings together design, people, and communities in creative and innovative ways. The best part about working for Cushing Terrell  is being able to work with so many talented groups and individuals who are passionate about creating meaningful impacts through everything we do.”

Who We Are/Who We Hire

We hire creative, resourceful, passionate people who focus on innovation and daring exploration.
Juliet Parks, Electrical Designer
CTA Billings

“The creative environment, comradery, innovation, and friends I knew working at CTA drew me to pursue a career with CTA too. With a passion for art and carpentry, drafting and design became the perfect outlet for me, especially at CTA working with eclectic and diverse minds. Outside of work I paint abstract expressionist and portrait pieces while drinking a microbrew and listening to indie rock, folk, or hip hop. If I’m not painting, I’m attending concerts and art events around Billings or road tripping to the mountains and my cabin on the Big Horn River.”

Various CTA Locations

As soon as spring snow melts, team members in multiple offices are known for their monthly office bike rides. CTA Boise’s summer rides have been a strong tradition for eight years and when CTA Denver joined the ranks, it started a running tab of friendly banter regarding whose office had been on more or longer bike rides.

Career Happenings

We celebrate and encourage professional development at CTA. Here are a few recently promoted team members.
Returning CTA Interns
Various CTA Locations

We are proud to welcome back a number of previous CTA interns as full-time team members! In the past few months seven interns returned to continue building their careers at CTA.

Pictured above: Amber Salcedo (refrigeration engineer-in-training), Nathan Bronec (electrical engineer-in-training), Cole Moller (structural engineer-in-training), and Kate Rockvam (marketing coordinator).

Kyle Johnson (2)
Project Architect
CTA Denver

“My four years at CTA have been jam packed with learning experiences and opportunities for growth. All of my mentors are amazing teachers who love passing on their knowledge while handing off as much responsibility and opportunity as I’ve wanted. CTA gave me tools and surrounded me with people allowing and encouraging me to progress from new AIT to Project Architect with the confidence and skills to take on that role. I’m excited to continue my career and personal growth at CTA and hope to one day be the mentor.”


CTA is a mission-driven firm guided by core values that include environmental stewardship. Our firm’s environmental initiative is called EcoLOGIC and promotes sustainable design solutions that seek to advance social, environmental, and economic resiliency in our local, national, and global communities.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), CTA deploys sustainable building practices. We embrace our responsibility and leadership role in advancing design and building practices that promote high performing and healthy buildings while protecting our natural resources. In an ever-changing market, we strive to stay on top of, and lead in developing, the most current sustainable design practices.


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