Kalispell core area revitalization recieves 2014 AAF grant

By: RW
20 March 2014

Our team, consisting of Kalispell’s City Planner, a Major landholder/stakeholder, and CTA’s David Koel, AIA, will join AAF’s national sustainable design team of experts for an intensive, three-day design charrette at the Sustainable Cities Design Academy in Washington, DC, on May 21–23, sponsored by the America Architectural Foundation.

Here’s a brief snippet from the design narrative.

Kalispell Core Area Revitalization Project: Design Narrative

David Koel, AIA

CTA Architects

Siteplan Narrative

How might the city of Kalispell look in the next 50 years? How SHOULD it look? We currently have the opportunity to take advantage of some exciting potential changes to the city, beginning with the removal of the existing rail­road tracks, to establish a new direction for the future development of downtown Kalispell. One that is respectful to the character and scale of the existing city, builds upon the existing unique foundational city planning ideas, adds necessary density and pedes­trian activity, takes advantage of underutilized areas and turns them into amenities, adopts a new pedes­trian-friendly route of circulation, and connects existing parks and trails together, actively joining them with the downtown area.

KCAR_SiteDiagram_081512east side bridge1c


Be sure to check back on our experience.


For more information on the Sustainable Cities Design Acadmy, check out the American Architectural Foundation web site.

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