Life is a Grahm Häus

By: Eric Young
3 January 2017

CTA Minneapolis decided to stage a charrette for building gingerbread houses for display during our internal office holiday party. The only restraints were the materials must be purchased at Target and include a 12×12″ piece of foam core. Otherwise, we had an hour to research and build the gingerbread house of our dreams. A couple truths we found during the design:

  • Adding decoration and flare when building with candy makes all the difference.
  • Landscaping is as important as the house itself.
  • YORK Peppermint Patties are delicious.
  • The Mies-ian concept of intersecting transparent and opaque planes does not mesh well with graham cracker siding and frosting mortar.

Team members who participated included Carolyn Berman, Brock Martinson, Darren Johnson, Shawn Pelowitz, David Gilbertson, and Eric Young.

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