CTA IN THE NEWS: Micron is constructing its next building for people

By: CTA In The News
30 May 2018

From idahobusinessreview.com:

Micron has built a number of buildings over the years to expand its fabrication capacity, most recently last year, but its latest  construction efforts are aimed at its people. The company is working on a new office building, as well as new employee gyms and cafeterias.

Micron is a global microchip and nanotechnology research and manufacturing company with about 30,000 employees on many different continents. The Boise campus, where the company got its start, is its research and technology headquarters, as well as its corporate base. The company has grown recently in Boise, and despite the recent addition of new buildings about 300 employees are working in temporary trailers. Others are in leased space, said Scott DeBoer, executive vice president.

“One of the motivations is attracting top talent,” Manetta said. “Attracting and retaining great employees means doing more than paying them well. Health and wellness are things that many employers are focused on and many employees  now expect some sort of focus in these areas.” The gym and cafeteria revamp in Boise is part of a company-wide global effort, DeBoer said. Micron is also renovating the cafeterias in two Boise buildings, primarily to accommodate more employees more efficiently. In building 17C, the cafeteria is being refreshed and modernized to improve traffic flow, while in building 36, the cafeteria is being expanded from 600 capacity to 1,000.

In addition, the company is adding audiovisual equipment to allow for large meetings in this area, Manetta said. Renovations also include exterior patios and partitioned spaces with standalone audiovisual systems, Manetta said. The company is also considering streamlining the service further by looking at systems such as ordering in advance for pickup, he added.  The cafeteria remodel in building 36 is slated to be completed in February.

The construction reflects nationwide trends, said Jay Larsen, president and CEO of the Idaho Technology Council. “The multi-million-dollar investment shows how committed Micron is to its most valuable asset—its employees,” Larsen said, adding that perks such as cafeterias and gyms have become common in the past five years, particularly in the technology industry as it fights to retain employees due to competition. In that arena, Micron is competing not just with other Boise companies, but companies in such technology centers as Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Portland.

The new building with the fitness center and the remodel of the existing fitness center were both designed by CTA Architects Engineers and the building contractor is ESI Construction. Most of the construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, Manetta said; in particular, the new building is specifically targeted for completion in December. CTA also designed the expansion at building 36, where the contractor is ESI. CSHQA is the designer for building 17C, while the contractor is McAlvain.


“By considering design elements like daylight access, collaborative breakaway spaces, and social amenities, a human-friendly work environment is definitely feasible. This project is also a great example of Micron’s environmental stewardship, as they pursue LEED certification. It’s terrific to work with Micron — such a formidable presence in the local workforce — as they continue to strive for a first-rate work home for their team.”

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