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Cool School competition: CTA team designs for an extreme climate

CTA_CoolSchoolDesignCompetition_1Earlier this month, CTA Bozeman took on the challenge of participating in an international design competition. The Cool School competition is hosted by Building Trust International, a non-profit charity based in England. The project asks for design entries for a new elementary school in Khovd, a small city of 28,000 in western Mongolia. At an elevation of 4,500 ft. and with an average rainfall of 5 in. per year, Khovd is situated in a cold, arid climate where the majority of students are often forced to walk to school in sub-zero temperatures. With an existing facility capable of handling 500 students, the competition calls for a two-classroom addition, capable of providing for an additional 100 students.

Building Trust International is also actively collecting donations with the intent that the winning submission will be built sometime in the near future. With entries due April 3, the competition has a tight deadline, so over the next few weeks we’ll be posting additional updates on our progress throughout the design process.

For more information on the Cool School competition itself or about Building Trust International as an organization, follow the links below:


Graphics by Building Trust International

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