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Design Challenge 7: Grow Ray Campaign

For this Design Challenge, we are going into the heart of the Bakken Oil Boom. Many small communities in this region are facing rapid change associated with the influx of workers and new development. CTA is currently assisting the City of Ray, North Dakota with development of a Comprehensive Plan with a vision of growing the community from a population of roughly 1,000 to a future population of 3,500. This design challenge is intended to provide innovative ways of illustrating future change.

The City of Ray’s primary goals are:

  • Create redevelopment standards for the Highway Commercial Corridor
  • Revitalize the Main Street District
  • Beautify the City to attract visitors

Achieving these goals has the potential to create a community that will last beyond the current boom. How can we create momentum for this type of growth? Several catalyst projects are already gaining attention. The parking lot on the south side of the Ray Mall will get a facelift late this summer with signage, landscaping and an organized parking arrangement. Discussions have begun for a small community center on a city-owned vacant parcel on Main Street, and small nodes of development are occurring along the highway. This design challenge is a kickstarter campaign to move Ray into the future. This design challenge requests two things: a tagline or branding slogan that captures the City’s vision for growth and an illustrative element that will accompany the tagline. These pieces will supplement the Comprehensive Plan that is currently being drafted by CTA’s Urban Planning Group.

For further information and descriptions of the City of Ray, please download and read though this linked PDF:

We have also provided a detailed SketchUp model to get everyone started, as well as some site photos:

We would like all submissions by Monday, July 25th, and please provide all submissions in either .jpg or .pdf format. We would also ask that you compose your submissions on a single 11×17″ board layout. If you have questions, feel free to contact Ross Hamand at or ext. 6166.

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