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Design Challenge 8: KRob 2014

For our next Design Challenge, we’re going to redirect your attention to the “KRob 2014″ Design Competition. The KRob competition is celebrating its 40th year as a purely architectural drawing competition, as well as being the oldest competition of its type in the world. KRob is hosted by the AIA Dallas chapter and is an open-ended competition allowing a wide range of illustration styles, from sketchbook drawings to digitally rendered illustrations.

Follow this link for more information and details:

Submissions are due on Oct. 27th by 5:00pm CDT and can be submitted digitally. There’s a $30.00 submission fee with a $20.00 fee for each additional entry; however, with over $11,000 in prizes being distributed in a number of different categories, any submission stands a good chance of drawing some prize money.

You are all responsible for submitting your own entries and covering any entry fees; however, if you have any questions feel free to contact me, Ross Hamand, by email or at ext. 7116. If you’d like to see your entry displayed on the CTA blog, send me a copy in either .jpg or .pdf format some time after Oct. 27th.

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