One-word charrette: ‘transparency’

By: Jimmy Talarico
29 June 2017

A few weeks ago, designers from CTA Bozeman staged a charrette for the new Bozeman High School. The task was to pick one concept from a list of three and build a model to represent it. The concept options were: trajectory, rhizomatous community, and transparency.

The images below illustrate three different models all representing transparency. The point in this exercise was to show we can do more than just compose beautifully. If we can add concept to composition, we can move past the superficial to something with soul, maybe something more meaningful. If we can show a client that a concept like transparency is inherent in who they are or in what the project wants to be, they will be more likely to support it. The better we are at finding meaning for our clients and translating that to form, the more transformative our work can become.

We’re excited about sharpening our conceptual skills and working on turning that into form! We hope this inspires many more one-word charrettes in the near future.

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