Albertsons — Beacon & Broadway

CTA architectural designers worked with a team from Albertsons to develop a new breed of store with an urban neighborhood feel and pedestrian sensibility. Set to be constructed in strip mall previously occupied by an undersized, 1970s-built market and other frequently rotating retailers, the new store on the southeast edge of Boise State University’s campus will cater to neighborhood residents and college-aged young adults (which are often one in the same). Planned amenities include a brewery, deli, coffee shop, and indoor/outdoor balcony with seating, all of which will be blanketed with natural daylight. The new design — including a glass facade with sweeping horizontal entry canopy and large signage — serves as connection to a historical, long-demolished Albertsons location on nearby Vista Avenue. Innovations from the design will be rolled into prototypes for future urban Albertsons stores.