Bozeman Health ICU Addition

The CTA Healthcare team, through a strong client relationship, imagination, and passion, is transforming the Bozeman Health campus and redefining the patient experience.

For phase 1 implementation of CTA’s Master Planning effort, the design is driven by the client’s need to streamline and centralize access, as well as create a distinctive cornerstone of the hospital. Through evidence-based design and working closely with Bozeman Health nurses, doctors, and administration, we developed innovative and meaningful solutions within the context of lean design. The CTA Healthcare team looked at the new 18,000 sq. ft. intensive care unit (ICU) as a unique ecology, and our design process sought every opportunity to maximize logistical and staffing efficiencies, especially as they relate to medical supplies, storage, and circulation.

The grand entry, complemented by the sweeping semi-circular drive and landscaping, is glass clad, features intricate masonry, and is both broad and concave. The design is symbolic of embracing the patient, their families, and the entirety of the Bozeman community. The 8,400 sq. ft. lobby emphasizes simplicity and elegance, connections to nature and daylight. The exterior masonry and plant selections are carried through the interior of the building, creating a holistic aesthetic from a distance, pulling into the parking lot, and walking through the doors.

Health of the physical body, the spirit, and the environment were crucial to Bozeman Health’s vision for this facility. Sustainability and spirituality were also fundamental in design inspiration. Entering through large 12-foot pivot doors, you find a space dedicated to tranquility, the mind, and the soul. A contemplation garden boasts native Montana plants, trees, and year-round beauty. The water feature (which utilizes natural runoff from the roof) transforms into an ice sculpture in the colder months.

The 20 bed ICU prioritizes patients and their visitors; rooms feature majestic views of the Bridger and Gallatin Mountains. Furniture, textures, and materials were selected to exude comfort and a sense of home. Increased levels of privacy and space were also paramount, as was an innovative layout to support medical staff in providing quality patient care.

Our focus on a collaborative design process, sustainability, lean operations, and the patient experience has resulted in a transformation of the Bozeman Health Campus, elevating the high-quality, holistic health care they provide Bozeman and surrounding communities.

Bozeman, MT

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