Buda Mill & Grain Co.

Once a cotton gin, the renovation of the 103-year-old Buda Mill & Grain complex has given new life and new purpose to a historic space as a retail hub and community gathering place.


Keeping the bones of the structure, CTA replaced the front wall of the existing metal shed– one of the most iconic building forms in Texas– with glazing and resituated it to create a large, covered front porch. Artifacts like the original metal roof and the augur were integrated into the final design as a nod to the site’s original use, despite losing their former function. The design objective was to stay true to the mill’s historic past while incorporating a clean, modern aesthetic that would be functional for a collection of future tenants.



Also on the Buda Mill and Grain property is a 100+ year-old brick building that housed the original cotton gin. The design team worked to keep as much of the existing brick building intact and untouched as possible while integrating exposed steel and concrete to modernize the aesthetic. Outdoor areas surrounding the structure were enhanced with simple solutions to block the hot, Texas sun without blocking the view of the historic building, making for an inviting space where patrons can meet and linger.