At CTA, we are passionate about the vitality and value planning can provide.

A rarity in multi-disciplinary firms, CTA’s Landscape Architecture and Land Planning teams are a total integration of civil engineering, planning, and landscape architecture and reflects our mission to serve every clients’ needs from start to finish: beginning with planning and entitlements to conceptual design and engineering, to construction administration.

Our planning services include code writing, zone text amendments, zoning codes, master plans and sub-area plans, growth policies, grant writing, and planned unit developments.

  • Retail/Commercial/Industrial
  • Urban & Regional
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Neighborhood & Residential
  • Campus

Site and Master Planning

Planning is about maintaining and improving quality of life to ensure the best and most efficient use of public and private resources. By applying knowledge of ecology, sociology, and aesthetics, we provide clients with successful land plans through creative implementation of broad planning concepts. We listen, evaluate the site, and develop planned solutions that clearly articulate our clients’ goals and create memorable environments.


We spend time building consensus with the community through public workshops and meetings during the very conceptual stages of the project and work with our clients to build fruitful relationships with future neighbors and governing bodies.


We leverage technology, creativity, and emotional intelligence to create quality spaces. Our master plans allow for growth, project phasing, and changing needs, attitudes, site opportunities, or constraints.

Landscape Architecture

CTA takes great pride in creating and delivering landscape architecture that stands the test of time because we know these projects improve quality of life when they function at the highest possible level of efficiency and quality.

Our areas of expertise include site design, grading and drainage, planting design, development of custom details, illustrative hand and digital renderings, project management, and construction administration.


We punctuate and calculate the unique identity of a site through evaluation and client interviews. Our investigations lay the groundwork needed to provide complete design packages for clients through all phases of work.

Collective Wisdom

CTA’s landscape architects work with contractors to execute plans that bring an owner’s vision to life. Our hands-on approach assures an aesthetically pleasing environment for our clients and superior results.

Urban/Streetscape Design

CTA has deep knowledge of projects involving streetscape revitalization. Working alongside engineers and architects, our designers are able to transform the street level, infrastructure, utilities, buildings, and architecture into a cohesive and artistic structure that fosters community by interweaving pedestrian and vehicular amenities into the streetscape. The result is enhanced quality of life and increased efficiency and safety.

Irrigation Design

All good planting designs and landscape architectural packages must include comprehensive irrigation design. CTA works to anticipate system demand as well as balance water consumption with conservation. Our systems specify the latest irrigation equipment and materials that are easily maintained. In addition to design services, CTA’s trained and certified staff will provide support such as maintenance plans and water conservation advice.

Keeping it Green

With community growth comes the need for both passive and active recreation spaces. CTA designers put their heads together with client and client teams to develop quality parks, plazas, town centers, trails, and golf courses that meet client needs and exceed user expectations.

Bike/Pathway Design

In addition to traditional landscape architectural design, CTA provides trail and corridor planning as well as design services.

• Bike and pedestrian trails
• Hiking paths
• Greenways and boulevards
• Multi-use routes
• Water-based recreation

Construction Administration

CTA offers full construction administration services to ensure that a design is implemented as intended.