Whole Foods Market — Bowman

This Whole Foods Market location, on Bowman Road in Little Rock, AR, serves as a replacement of the Arkansas capital city’s previous location, and remains the only WFM in the state (for now). At over 34,000 sq. ft., the store becomes the largest retailer of natural and organic foods in the Natural State.

Upon arrival, shoppers are greeted by a unique and innovative new building façade where the original retail front, with its CMU box wall and stucco-clad entry, previously stood. The new façade utilizes welcoming brick and wood with canopy elements protecting large, glazed openings to provide previously absent natural daylight within. Eighteen repurposed shipping containers complete the envelope while creating comfortable indoor and outdoor nook-like seating spaces. Here guests can relax and enjoy fabulously prepared fresh food and drinks, including those from the “Lucky Fox,” a container retrofitted with a 12-tap, in-store beer and wine bar.

Twenty-one skylights added to the existing roof structure now provide natural daylight through the sales floor. Controllable Hi Bay lights on the sales floor complement the natural daylighting, while an abundance of LED light fixtures further reduce energy consumption. The traditional centralized refrigeration system was split into smaller systems and strategically placed close to the cases and walk-in boxes they serve, significantly reducing the overall amount of copper piping and refrigerant. Integrated, web-based controls are utilized throughout mechanical, electrical, and refrigeration systems for off-site monitoring and control, optimizing performance and energy efficiency.