CTA IN THE NEWS: Public hears options on Bozeman’s new high school

By: Travis Estvold
16 February 2017

From kbzk.com:

What do you need — and what do you want? That was the question as a public informational meeting was held Monday night to look at the wish list — and the bottom line — for a second high school in Bozeman. The original plans with everything included, building a new high school and renovating the old high school, would cost $144 million.

However, the school board gave the public a deeper look at the three other options.

  • Option B — Build the new high school, but do no work on the old high school.
  • Option C — Build a new larger high school and tear down the unused parts of the old high school with no renovations.
  • Option D — Build both the new high school and renovate the old, but trim both projects, lowering the bill.

The payments for the most expensive option would be around $8 a month; however, this amount could shrink since the taxable base will continue to grow.

So although the bond would still be set for 20 years, the amount the average taxpayer would pay could decrease.

“What that means is over time, we’ve seen a 3.8 percent per year of our tax base growing and that’s the number of households in the district that continue to grow over time,” said Senior Project Manager Bob Franzen of CTA Architects Engineers. “So the more households you have in the district, the more everybody’s payment is a little bit shorter or a little bit smaller.”

The school board will come to a final decision on ticket price on March 6th before it goes before voters in May.



“CTA is very pleased and excited to be involved with such a significant project in our hometown. This project, if realized by passing a $125 million bond, will provide two 1,500-student high schools (one new and one renewed) for the city of Bozeman. This will allow the school district to continue to provide a recognized high level education to those that attend.”

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