Scentsy Corporate Campus: Final Phase

By: CTA In The News
5 March 2013

At CTA Architects Engineers, all of our structures are designed with the needs of people in mind. We took that principle and incorporated it into one of our newest projects, The Scentsy Corporate Campus. Focusing on user comfort, we incorporated ample natural daylighting and scenic views in an effort to increase employee productivity and health. This project utilizes the wide array of CTA’s disciplines and services, and will stand as a strong example of both sustainable and integrated design.

Located in Meridian, Idaho, this 75-acre site will be home to a north and south campus. Boasting a distribution center, office tower, event center, manufacturing facility and warehouses, this campus will provide ample working space for Scentsy’s more than 1,100 employees.

Construction began on this project in April of 2012. CTA has worked tirelessly on the main office tower’s core, shell and tenant improvements. Upon completion, the structure will stand six stories tall with over 170 thousand square feet.

In a 2011 statement from Scentsy, CEO Orville Thompson said,

“The new campus doubles our manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities in Idaho, allowing us to keep pace with the company’s strong growth.”

In the same statement, Scentsy President, Heidi Thompson, had this to say:

“It brings us one step closer to having all our Idaho employees together on the same campus.”

In true CTA fashion, the firm has aligned its best people with the project based on their expertise. This position has allowed the client to be represented by a professional who wears two hats: Project Manager and Owner Advocate. Josh Hersel, the project manager, leads a team of land planners; interior designers; structural, civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection engineers; and architects while keeping the changing needs of the client on the top of his list of priorities.

“We are so excited to be a part of this phase of Scentsy’s growth.” Hersel said. “Our entire team has worked extremely hard on this project and we think that will show through in the finished project.”

The modern courtyards and bold sweeps of color make this facility a symbol of the company’s strong growth and bright future. The calming water features and outdoor recreation spaces show the company’s true commitment to the health, happiness and productivity of its employees. The project is expected to be complete in October of 2013. To learn more about the Scentsy Corporate Campus Project, Click Here.

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