CTAers teach Bozeman students about architecture, idea realization

By: CTA In The News
22 November 2016

In continuing CTA’s close involvement with Bozeman’s Human Resource Development Center (HRDC), local Bozemanites Jimmy Talarico and Jacob deNeui were asked to return to the classroom and talk about building! Building has been the theme of the class’s discussion over the past few weeks, so Talarico and deNeui were more than happy to share with the children how architects help in making ideas become realities. They shared several images depicting how things as simple as scribbles can become buildings, which thoroughly captivated the students.

Talarico and deNeui shared images of buildings superseding the ordinary, all because someone took an idea and developed it into a reality. And that’s when the trace paper came out. Everyone was tasked with taking his/her sheet of trace paper and forming it into an “idea wad,” reinforcing the notion that all buildings begin as an idea before they become reality.

CTA_post_BozemanHRDC_studentvisit (3)

The sound of frantic paper wadding cascaded through the room as unique ideas materialized into handheld realities. When asked what the group’s idea wads looked like, answers varied from “goose” and “flower” to “my house.” Finally, the lesson ended with the children asking Talarico and deNeui their carefully-formulated questions, including:

And, perhaps the most transcendental:

It was a positive and lighthearted experience for all involved. Kids walked away with a new understanding of the role architects play in transforming ideas into the built reality, while Talarico and deNeui simply appreciated the opportunity to play even the tiniest role in shaping the future of tomorrow. deNeui also appreciated his newfound knowledge that Talarico does, in fact, like Hello Kitty.

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