Trio of CTA pros headline Career Day at Austin’s Widén Elementary

By: CTA In The News
6 June 2017

Following an invitation for CTA Austin team members to address Career Day at local Widén Elementary School, architect Melissa Jones, AIT Sarah Holnbeck, and interior designer Kaare Sola went to speak to groups of third, fourth, and fifth graders. They brought a stamp and hard hat, as well as plenty of material samples, and all were a big hit. The students were able to test out all sorts of drawing tools and templates on trace paper.

The day was filled with a range of insightful questions such as, “Have you ever designed a mall?,” “Do you have a fidget spinner?,” and even, “Did you ever get judged for what you wanted to do?”

“We had such a fun morning telling them about our backgrounds and the design process of CTA,” Jones said. “And what eager listeners!  It was a great opportunity to explain the basics of architecture and how buildings come to life, and we were all reminded of why we got into this industry in the first place.”

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