Founded in 1938, CTA was an early adopter of close cooperation between architects and engineers — integrated design. Today, the practice continues as professionals from CTA’s 25+ disciplines partner with clients to pioneer environments: creating unique, value-rich, durable spaces in which all comers can live, work, and play.

CTA integrates the skills and expertise of diverse professionals in hand-picked teams. Working side-by-side and thriving on the energy inspired by collaboration, CTA teams develop progressive designs for a range of projects in the six primary market sectors we serve — and beyond.
We pride ourselves on an approach termed High Performance — uniting talent, passion, and expertise; developing integrated teams of talented architects, designers, and engineers working together to create the pinnacle of form and function.
We recognize and celebrate the relationships developed through shared creation of dynamic spaces. From initial meeting to final reveal of any project, the ever-present interactions between clients, designers, and building professionals comprise what we commonly refer to as The Experience.