April Fool’s Day

By: Ashley Leach
4 April 2011

This day started with random bowel noises coming from a corner of the conference room during a Project Managers’ meeting.  Laughter spread quickly.  The humorous culprit, Jamie Moore, was smiling on the other side of the wall.  The same incident happened during a Staff Meeting, catching everyone’s attention instantly.  Who knew they made a remote control flatulent machine?

Moore didn’t stop there… she took several pictures of office staff only to have water come shooting out of the fake camera toward the victims.  Chuckles could be heard through the cubicles as Jacob Mortensen’s office phone ring tone was the tune of “The Golden Girls”.  A beautiful poster of “The Golden Girls” hung above him with a sign that read “I Love the Golden Girls”.  And yes, Moore was behind this scheme too.

3.29.11-005Ending her day she cracked a smelling tube by some cubicles and watched as they all looked around at each other trying to determine who the source of the smell was.  She later said to me in a sarcastic voice, “Someone taped my mouse to the pad, like that’s a big deal.” Pay back wasn’t far behind.  Randy Rupert and Brent Hecker took two saran wrap tubes and wrapped them around Moore’s car.  Jacob Mortensen later poured water on top to seal in the tightness.  Just an average day at the office!

Quick fun fact: April Fool’s Day in theory originated in 1564 when King Charles IX changed the independence day from April 1st to January 1st.  Several Frenchmen resisted the change and continued to celebrate on April 1st.  Overtime people made a joke of the “fake” Holiday.

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