CTA Bowling League

By: Ashley Leach
16 February 2011

Photo: Starting from the left top row- Ryan, Jacob, Rob, Ron… then left bottom row we have Zac and Brent.

After being avid bowlers in various youth leagues from young ages on throughout High School, Ryan Markuson and Ron McLean joined forces as co-workers at CTA Missoula to create a CTA bowling team in 2004.  In 2008, another avid bowler from his younger days, Zac Conley, joined the CTA Missoula Bowling Team.

With only nine weeks left, the CTA Missoula Bowling Team is currently ranked second among 12 teams.  The bowling season is 32 weeks long.

In the earlier years the bowling team was a three-man league.  Due to popular demand and more people wanting to join, the 2010-11 team has now become a five-man league.

This new league consists of Brent Hecker, Jacob Mortensen, Rob Porch, Conley and McLean.  Markuson is still part of the team but has had to sit out the first half of the season with a knee injury.  He has since started substituting in on various league nights.

On a fun note, two gutters in-a-row or any score under 100 results in a mandatory double-shot of Wild Turkey.  Luckily, only one person (who shall remain nameless) has had to partake in such rituals… twice.

Although we don’t achieve this often as we would like to, any 111 in the seventh frame results in a free drink.


Brent Hecker (HVAC)

  • Form:  Right-handed, 13 mph, slight curve
  • Current Average: 122
  • Highest Series (3 games): 469
  • Highest Game: 183
  • Experience: 3 years on various leagues, has not bowled on a league for 3 years (even then his previous leagues were in Ohio, so we all know those don’t count)

Jacob Mortensen (HVAC)

  • Form: Right-handed, 15 mph, straight
  • Current Average: 124
  • Highest Series (3 games): 424
  • Highest Game: 210
  • Experience: 3 years on various leagues, has not bowled on a league for 7 years

Rob Porch (Arch)

  • Form: Right-handed, 14 mph, medium curve
  • Current Average: 151
  • Highest Series (3 games): 552
  • Highest Game: 249
  • Experience: Hasn’t bowled on a league since 1974, before any of the rest of the team was even born

Zac Conley (Elec)

  • Form: Right-handed, 13 mph, large hook
  • Current Average: 175
  • Highest Series (3 games): 651
  • Highest Game: 246
  • Experience: Bowling various leagues since 13-years-old

Ryan Markuson (Arch)

  • Form: Right-handed, 17 mph, medium curve
  • Current Average: 195
  • Highest Series (3 games): 650
  • Highest Game: 264
  • Experience: Started with a Bantam league for children when we was old enough to carry a ball

Ron McLean (Plumb)

  • Form: Left-handed, 14 mph, large hook
  • Current Average: 207
  • Highest Series (3 games): 750
  • Highest Game: 286
  • Experience: Bowling various leagues since 12-years-old

Written by Ron McLean

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