Girls Way Rotating Wall

By: Ashley Leach
22 February 2011

IMG_4451Written by Shane Jacobs, and help from Laney Hensel

In 101 Thing I Learned in Architecture School, Matthew Frederick wrote “A good designer isn’t afraid to throw away a good idea.  Just because an interesting idea occurs to you, doesn’t mean it belongs in the building you are designing.”  Maybe he should have included, “Keep your ‘throw away’ ideas in a sketchbook for a challenging design day at the office”.

While developing the design of The Girls Way, we were tasked with separating two spaces, but allowing for them to be open to one another for certain events.  One of the spaces was to have mirrors for the majority of its use, but at times they wouldn’t be desired.

As a college student, I sketched a crazy idea for a rotating partition that wasn’t appropriate for the particular project I was working on at the time, but it was inspiring enough to keep in an old sketch book.  Recently we dusted off the idea as a potential remedy to our head scratcher challenge at The Girls Way.

When presented to them, the clients fell in love with the idea so much, they asked CTA to design the rotating partitions to be demountable in order to travel with The Girls Way when they expand their business in future years.

This video depicts the steel pipe sections, steel angles, wood framing, OSB sheathing, and some industrial bearing and bushings that made the once “throw away sketch” a reality last week.  This week, they are to be clad with mirrors on one side and galvanized sheet metal on the other.

The mirrored side will face the exercise studio most of the time to assist in proper fitness form and instruction.  The galvanized metal side will serve as a surface to attach ideas and art via magnets from the lounge.  The rotating function of the partitions allows the mirrors to be turned away from the studio for classes where the girls may be more self-conscious and for maximum flexibility of what would otherwise be a static, everyday partition wall.

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