Hotel Theodore and Rider Restaurant – Seattle, WA

The Roosevelt Hotel, now rebranded as Hotel Theodore, is a historic 20-story building iconic to the downtown Seattle cityscape. Cushing Terrell teamed with interior design consultants Susan Marinello Interiors and David Hill Design to renovate the hotel lobby, first-floor coffee shop, meeting rooms, 2-story interior atrium, and the exterior façade.

Faux skylights mimic natural light levels, foregrounding the building’s natural environment to its visitors, while an exterior walk-up to the coffee shop invites urban pedestrians inside.

The project also included work on an upscale restaurant and bar called Rider, on the ground floor of the hotel, which nods to local industry with an open fish counter and features an open-air grill for an elevated, multi-sensory dining experience.

The design is inspired by Seattle’s long tradition of “makers, builders, and doers,” incorporating materials that reflect a refined, handmade aesthetic to complement the historic and distinctive Art Deco styling of the existing hotel.